“Golf is expensive.”
“Golf is boring.”
“Golf is slow.”
“Golf is hard to learn.”

How many times have your heard these misconceptions about golf? You may have even thought them yourself.

At The First Tee, golf is more than a game. And it’s a fun activity that can last your child a lifetime. Here are 10 things you need to know about not only the game itself, but how The First Tee does golf!

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1. Who can play? Anyone! We welcome youth of all backgrounds and abilities ages 7–17. All we ask is that they come with an open mind and positive attitude, and we’ll provide the rest.

2. Financial concerns? No worries—just contact us and we will be able to work with you.

3. What about golf equipment? We have that, too. We provide golf clubs, balls and tees.

4. What to wear? You can wear tennis shoes, shorts, jeans or skirts—no need for special golf attire.

5. Where do I join? We’re closer than you think. You can contact us via phone, email or the website.  Or you can register for our programs.

6. Are your coaches qualified? Definitely! We have multiple coaches who have gone through extensive training provided by The First Tee’s certified national trainers.

7. What about girls golf? Golf isn’t a boy’s club at The First Tee. We offer some events and programs that are specifically geared towards girls golf.

8. Is it fun? Absolutely. The First Tee of Mid-Michigan’s lessons are activity-based and full of fun and energy! We modify traditional sports that kids might be more familiar with—such as baseball, football, bowling and tennis—to incorporate the four basic golf shots: putt, chip, pitch and full swing.

9. What else? A lot! Remember that in addition to learning the life long game of golf, kids are making friends, learning communication skills, how to set goals and other life skills that will help them on and off the golf course.

10. Is there a fun fact? Did you know our Home Office’s chief executive officer, Joe Louis Barrow, Jr., is the son of former heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis? When Joe Louis wasn’t in the boxing ring, he was often on the golf course.